I love this display of the 150 covers of Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita”. It says more about the world and how different nations have interpreted the book than the book itself

Oh my god

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making my way downtown


making my way downtown

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This is the first time in the history of the world where the map maker is worth more than the territory that it’s mapping.

Jeff Bezos on Google, as recalled by a former Amazon executive to Reuters. (via parislemon)

Great quote.

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“Daddy interrogates daughter to get a confession on who is her favorite parent.”

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Bird reacts to dubstep

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Adorable Old Person of the Day: Guy convinces his 82-year-old grandma to try Pop Rocks for the very first time.

If you see a more endearing video today, you need glasses. (In other words, you will not see a more endearing video today.)


cutest thing ever! I love old people!

awwww :)

omg this was precious

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Everybody on Tumblr needs to see this at least once before they die.

That awkward moment when nobody understands your Community references.